The success of the company consists of the professionalism of each employee, from the very beginning our team involves highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We are confident in the future, and we wish to develop our Project together with the best domestic and foreign personnel. We highly appreciate the positive experience of management and successful operation of such projects. At the same time, special attention in our company is paid to the development of young talented professionals, for whose training programs of professional and career development are developed. We managed to create all the necessary conditions for the realization of the potential of employees. If you are a professional and ready for further development in a team of like-minded experts, we are pleased to invite you to cooperate.

Key personnel meets the following basic requirements:

Basic requirements

Knowledge and understanding of the GMP and ISO 9000 requirements


Knowledge and understanding of technological processes (development of technological regulations)


Knowledge of the devices provision rules for the production (equipment selection)


Knowledge of documentation requirements for pharmaceutical productions and ability to draw up documents at the appropriate level


Knowledge of methods for drugs and intermediate products control and the ability to apply them (quality control)


Knowledge of main and auxiliary equipment technical base, ability to identify risk areas and develop preventive measures


Knowledge of product registration requirements provided by state regulatory authorities and ability to implement them in the proper amount


Knowledge and ability to manage technological risks of both individual elements of production and production in general


Knowledge of regulations concerning the raw materials and finished products storage

Organization of pharmaceutical production